Saturday, May 29, 2010

A True Dilema

I can't quite figure out how to knit and garden at the same time...... it's most unfortunate as I enjoy both so passionately. I also have discovered that if I garden all day, my eyes just won't stay open for an evening of knitting. I think both activities are alike as they involve colour and texture and creativity, and make me terribly happy to be child of the One who planned it all. In fact as each knitting stitch works together I think of how we are known by God before we are knitted together in our mothers' wombs. As I garden I like to remember how He clothes the lilies of the field in splendor, and takes care of me too.
Here's a little project that I've been working on for this year. The arbor does need to be white I think, so I'll get out my trusty brush and can of paint and it will soon be.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

It must be my day, I'm a Happy Mother!

     I've had a lovely day beginning with my church family, then lunch out with my family, and now a little time this evening with you. I'm so delighted to receive a wonderful Kitchen Aid mixer today. I've been wanting one for so long. I can't wait to try out the dough hook. Thank you dear husband of mine.
     It's been a rather hectic week. We seem to have a fundraising push on now that the school year is nearing completion. All parents and students are requested to help out in raising funds for the grade 7/8 class trip. As there is no longer any government funding available for such an endeavour, we work hard ourselves so our children can enjoy their trip. We had several events this week, and have another coming up next week. We have to raise 30,000 dollars , so we need a lot of events! Inspite of the extra work, I did find time to knit up a baby bib.
This was a quick project to do. I used Lily Peaches 'n Cream cotton yarn in the Violet Stripes colourway. I really love the way the stripes form so perfectly, and find the colour combination so pretty. If you visit Down Cloverlaine, you'll find patterns for many different bibs, all of which are free and they are so cute so you can't go wrong This pattern is called Rhonda's Delight Bib, and looks so much better in person! I hope to knit up many more as the Lord is blessing so many of my family members with new bundles of joy this year.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's All Together.

I've finally got my basket completed. This is being donated to a fundraising auction for my daughter's class trip.It's been so much fun knitting up items for this project. All of the knitted pieces included are from the itty-bitty books by Susan B Anderson . I know it's difficult to see through the basket wrap, but I just wanted to share what I've been up to recently.
You can see Mr. Monkey peeking out, as well as the squishy balls and a wee pair of socks. In the back the tip of the vertical stripes hat  is showing. I hope people bid on my basket! The auction is this Thursday evening..... May 6th.